Sunday, February 28, 2016

So Sorry I have Not Been Around

Hello again and I am so sorry that it has been forever and a day since I have written anything in my blog. Well all of that is going to change. I want to start sharing again at least once a week. Please forgive me for being away and I really look forward to hearing from you about the new projects that I am working on.
One of the items I have been working on for myself, well I am just starting, is a Bible Art Journal. How this came about is I found Rebekah R Jones blog and YouTube. She is offering a 52 week challenge, which ran through 2015; however, you can still view them. For those of you who want to dive in the Bible deeper and you have even the smallest amount of creativity (trust me as you keep doing it the better you will become)  I recommend this. You visit her main by clicking on her name, or go straight to the challenge by clicking the 52 week challenge.
I have created my first page, it was more of a test page, because I wanted to see how the first Medium Matte I used would work. Although is is a very small bottle, the Clear Gesso was out at Joann's and I got a jar of Ranger's Multi Medium Matte 1.1 oz., and a jar of Mod Podge Paper Matte 8.0 oz, I will be doing a test page with that tomorrow or the next day?? I did do a test on copier paper and they seem to be ok, but the paper in the Bible is much thinner so I need to really test it there.
Here are the images of the page I worked on, and as you can see you can still see the text, and that's what you want when you start work on the main part of the Bible. Yes I will admit I was a little scared about adding paints, inks and other items I am planning on using, but once I started watch Rebekah's tutorials, I am pretty sure I can do this.
This is my test page
This is the close up.
As you can see you can still read it

Here are the images from my Week 1 piece.
Week 1 Joshua 1:9
I also included 6-8, as it all goes

Here is a close up of the verses.

Would love to here what You think.
May you have a great day and God Bless,
Items I used on these pages.

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