Friday, March 18, 2016

Art Journal 'Books of the Bible Challenge'

Hello All,
Wanted to share some really exciting news, I have started a journey and am asking others to come join. If you love God, reading your Bible and creating art, then you will love what is going on in the world as of late.

Even though this has been started by so many others, you have a Journal Bible, you're an artist, love reading your Bible and doing art journals, then I am sure you already know about the new Art Journaling Bible groups and sites that are out there. So what makes mine so special compared to everyone else. Well instead of doing a few verses here and a few verse there, I will be taking you through a book at a time. This way we get to study each book as a whole and learn so much more from it. Plus we will be working in both the Bible and an art journal, so you have a choice on where you would like to do your journaling.

I have started a Facebook Group, which if you join, you can be one of the first ones to see and work on the challenge, get the link to the Page, the YouTube link, downloads (when there are some), and the study guide. There will also be a Study Worksheet that you, yourself can fill in as you are studying the chapter(s) we are working on, I believe this helps us retain more than just reading the passage. The Facebook group will get it a month before the public does, plus you will also receive extra goodies now and then. God willing, each one will come out every two weeks, starting April 1st for the Facebook group, and May 1st for the public.

We will be starting with the book of Romans to kick off this challenge. As I have been told it truly is the best book to start with, because it is the 'Expression of a Christian Life', the best building blocks to living the way God wants us to live as one of his children. I will let you know which one will be next after that or I may decide to let people vote on which one we do next.

I pray that you will join me and all the others on this journey.

God Bless,

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