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Welcome to the About Me Page.

I always felt funny doing these types of pages; however, it has come to me that people really want to know who the person is behind the screen typing the words that you read on the blog. So here I am giving you a small glimpse of who I am, what is going on in my life and the things I like to do.
First off I am a wife and married to my best friend, I'm a mom to a wonderful son, who is married, to a girl I truly feel is my own, and has given me three beautiful grandchildren, two girls and a boy, so I am also a Nana.
I also have an Angel in Heaven. My daughter Melissa past away at the age of seven, to Leukemia; which is a type of blood cancer. She truly was an angel here on Earth. She touched more lives in the short span that she was here, than I can count. She had a laugh that was contagious, it didn’t matter if you knew what she was laughing at; you couldn’t help but laugh with her. She is truly missed; however, I know she is in a better place and that I will see her again.
About the things I love to do, read my Bible and spend time with God, I'm into most crafts, I love to cook and bake, crochet, paint, create scrapbooks, knit (still learning though because I am self taught), play with polymer clay and jewelry. My true passion, as far as crafts, is jewelry and love to work in a lot of different mediums. Most, if not all of my pieces are one of a kind, some maybe close to looking the same; however, I do my best to make sure no one person has the same piece.
I would like to tell you about my true passion in life and that is God and living in Christ. I found out in March of 2012 that I have Multiple Myeloma. This is a blood cancer that attacks not only the white blood cells but also the bones in the body, causing lesions and causing them break very easily. By the time I was diagnosed, I had 6 compression fractures in my spine, both hips are in really bad shape, the right being worse and l have lesions throughout the rest of the body. Although it is something I will live with for the rest of my life, I found it to be a blessing. Yes, that’s right; I say it’s a blessing.
About three years ago; after getting over my anger for God, because I knew this was not from him. This had to do more with the stress I was causing myself. I decided to rededicate my life to God and Jesus Christ, it has changed me as a person in more ways than I can explain; let’s just say I made a 180 turn around. First I noticed a deep hunger to know more, Bible studies and praying became my focus. Found a really great church; however, when it gets really cold, at or below freezing, I am in a lot of pain and it makes it hard to go; I truly miss it when I can’t. However, I am grateful that I can at least watch the sermons online.
So this brings me to a new phase in my life. I found myself not reading the Bible as I should, and this brought me to pray to God for a way to bring back the fire and passion for His word into my life; however, I wanted to have more fun than just reading the Bible. That’s when God brought Rebekah R. Jones’ site into my Pinterest my list when I happen to open it up about 15 minutes later. At the time she was starting her second Bible Art Challenge, ‘Heaven is Calling’, after running a 52 week challenge the year before. This brought two things I love to do together; reading and studying my Bible and doing art. How could I go wrong?
I am having so much fun with this, that I felt a call from God to start a challenge of my own. This is more for me; however, I would love to see others follow along. I will be working in both my Bible and an Art Journal, for those who don’t want to color in their Bibles; you can use the art journal. I wanted to do both, because I can spend more time in the study of the book I am reading.
The difference between mine and Rebekah’s I will be working in the books of the Bible for each challenge, this way you get the chance to read the whole book and learn what they are about.  It will have a page of its own along with materials I have used, there will be free downloads of drawings (if used) and a study worksheet to go along with it.
Cancer is a lot to deal with, but I have a motto I live by, "Just because I have cancer doesn't mean I am sick". The moment one gives in to the cancer (unless it is really advanced) that is the moment that it takes over, I personally will not let this happen. I have three beautiful grandchildren I want to see grow up, so when I pray, I just ask God not to take me home just yet, I'm not ready. However, because of the cancer, I am unable to work; so this gives me the chance to be able to share with other what I love to do, whether that is my jewelry, crafts I am working, or my journey through the books of the Bible using art as I ponder His words and truly spend time with God and all his glory. I truly hope you will join me on that journey.
I'm also looking forward to hearing from you on what you think of the Bible studies, my jewelry pieces and ideas, and other crafts I have worked on, whether you like them or not. I'm always willing to hear when you don't like something, or maybe it should be done in a different way. This is how I grow as an artist and a person.
God Bless you always,

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