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The Expression of A Christian Life
The Book of Romans
As I started this journey into the book of Romans, it was an answer to a prayer. I noticed, as of late, I wasn’t enjoying my Bible time as much as I did before. I prayed and asked God to bring back the joy, that fire I once had, in to reading the Bible again. About 15 minutes later, I happened to go in to my Pinterest page and what do you think was the first thing at the top of my list, one of Rebekah R. Jones’ Bible Art Journal Challenge pages and her 52 week challenge. I knew this could only be from God. So I looked into it and thought, I could do that, seeing that I love doing all kinds of crafts, this is just another form of mix media. I loved the fact that I could combine my reading and studies of the Bible and be artistic at the same time.

When I got to her site, I found that the 52 week challenge was what she did last year (2015); it’s still up on her site. She had also started a new one this year (2016) called ‘Heaven is Calling’ this one is once a month challenge. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that she finds different verses, from different books and we get to see how great our God is, it is fun and I love doing them. However, I felt like I was being guided to do something else, more challenging and that was telling me to do a whole book at a time. At first I thought God wanted me to do the whole Bible, from beginning to end. But it felt different than that, so I thought ok, I’ll start with Proverbs. Nope, God had other plans, every time I would hear something on TV, or pick something up ‘Romans’ kept popping out at me. So, thick headed as I am, I finally got the hint, lol. So Romans it is.
If you truly think about it, Romans is a really good book to start with. It’s about Faith and how to live a truly Christian life.

I will be starting to upload videos of both the Bible Art Journal and an Art Journal entry for those who don’t have a Journaling Bible or would rather do an Art Journal. I will also be offering free study sheets, that you can use to help you in your own studies, and I will also offer downloads of the sketches for both the Bible and the Art Journal when they are being used.

Starting April 1, 2016 (no April Fools, lol) to those in Books of the Bible Art Challenge Facebook Group, God willing, the first entry will be made available for you to view here, YouTube and there will be free downloads. The official start date for the public will be May 1st.
Until then, may God Bless and keep you safe.
God Bless,


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